Get Unstuck & Create a Fulfilling Life with Body-Centered Therapy

Therapy for women in Boston and across Massachusetts. Get out of your head and take charge of your wellbeing. 

Are you tired of questioning if you’re worth it,

over-intellectualizing every situation and

feeling emotionally overwhelmed?

Your life and responsibilities keep you busy, but you don’t feel the sense of fulfillment or satisfaction that you want. Instead, you feel chronically overworked, overwhelmed, and stuck.

Yet, you worry that if you say ‘no’ to others or tell trusted friends and family how you’re feeling, they’ll be disappointed in you or feel like you’ve failed.

You struggle to justify setting aside time for yourself. Instead, you tell yourself you ‘should’:

  • Do more for others
  • Be productive
  • Manage everything on your own

You’re not alone.

Create a more present, balanced lifestyle.

As a highly motivated, sensitive woman, you can create a balanced life, with help.

Hello, I’m Kimberly Bevans

(she/her), a licensed therapist serving Boston, Massachusetts. You can call me Kim. I help high-achieving, deep-feeling women just like you—they care deeply, work hard, and often appear as if their life is going well.

Yet, inside, they feel overwhelmed, not good enough, worried, and exhausted. You want to be the person your friends and family go to for support and help, but it’s hard when you’re also struggling with difficulties and your own emotions.

You can achieve more life balance, develop meaningful relationships, and a fulfilling life with body-centered therapy.

I can help you achieve the fulfilling life you deserve through my unique body-focused, somatic therapy.

You want more from your life.

You care deeply for all the people in your life. You want to be there for them. Yet, you feel pulled in so many directions that it’s hard to fully be there as you want. It’s also getting harder to seem like everything in your life is fine. Regardless of how hard you try, you feel less meaningfully connected to others in your life—even yourself.

Plus, the more you try to push through the exhaustion, set aside your feelings and needs, and balance everything on your own, the worse you feel. Everything gets harder and more overwhelming.

You may worry that:

  • You can’t keep up with all your obligations
  • People in your life may leave you
  • You’ll be so busy doing everything for others that what you want will be lost

Many motivated, deep-feeling individuals also express that they struggle with managing their emotions because of how intensely they feel them. Additionally, they tend to pick up the emotions of others (including taking on those feelings at times!). These tendencies are common in individuals who are Highly Sensitive People. Yet, it can be challenging to learn how to manage these experiences to stay balanced and not overwhelmed by taking on others’ emotional states.

You want a life that helps you feel:

  • Balanced
  • Calm
  • Happy
  • Confident
  • Empowered

You want to know you’re ‘enough,’ feel comfortable in your own body, and content with the choices you make and who you are.

Reconnect with your body, thoughts and feelings.

My clients often have tried other approaches, like a talking-based therapy or yoga, to help heal and reconnect with their bodies, goals, and selves. While these approaches may have brought some insight or temporary relief, they still struggle to reach a place of deeper healing and understanding.

Body-centered therapies, like somatic therapy, dance/movement therapy, and expressive therapy, let us incorporate the natural bodily (or somatic) responses into our work together. These body-based, expressive, and mindful approaches allow you to access deeply held patterns that can’t be reached through talking alone.

As a body-focused therapist for over 13 years, I can help you achieve a fulfilling life, develop deeper interpersonal connections, and work through difficult emotions like worries, imposter syndrome, ‘shoulds,’ and negativity.

Together, we can harness your inner strengths and help you create a lifestyle that prioritizes life/work balance, deeper personal connections, and purpose. You’ll feel more present, in control, and empowered.

Are you ready to create the life you want?