Manage and Reduce Your Stress

Body-centered therapy that helps women in the Greater Boston area
and Massachusetts manage stress

Is your fast-paced, high-demand life causing you to feel stressed, overwhelmed, and exhausted?

woman in stress management therapy in Boston
Everyone experiences stress from time to time. Yet, in our modern, fast-paced lives we can become overwhelmed by too many demands and not enough time. As a result, we can feel depleted, making all our tasks feel harder.

Living with chronic or high levels of stress impacts our bodies, thoughts, feelings, and actions. Chronic stress can impact your health, including your blood pressure and immune system. In addition, many people have trouble sleeping, making it harder to focus during the day. Left unaddressed, chronic stress can negatively impact your mood, motivation levels, and overall life satisfaction.

Fortunately, you don’t have to live with too much stress.

woman in stress management therapy in Boston

You can get relief and learn ways to manage stress no matter what’s causing it.

Chronic stress is a signal that something needs to change. Often, when people are overwhelmed with stress and too many life demands, it can be hard to work through it on your own.
Together we can:

  • Identify your sources of chronic stress
  • Increase your awareness of how stress is impacting your body and mind
  • Learn strategies to help reconnect your body, mind, and feelings to release the tension and stress
  • Develop new ways of behaving and thinking that help you manage your stress now and in the future
Your journey to a less stressed, more balanced life can help you reconnect with your true self, your body, and what you want from your life. I can help you uncover a more peaceful, fulfilling life.
Kimberly-Schmidt-Bevans is a stress management therapist

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Let’s work together to unlock your authentic self, so you feel alive, present, and available in your life again.