Working with Trauma

Body-centered therapy that helps women in the Greater Boston area and
Massachusetts cope with trauma

Emotional, physical, institutional, intergenerational and historical trauma impacts your body, thoughts, relationships, and more

Trauma is a response of protecting the self when we go through difficult experiences. A trauma reaction can occur following a one-time event, repeated exposure, or experiencing more than one traumatic event. Trauma can even be passed down through our ancestors and families. Chronic stressors such as emotional abuse, neglect, or bullying can also lead to trauma responses.

Immediately following a traumatic event, many people experience shock and denial. Over time, trauma can cause longer-term reactions such as unpredictable emotions, flashbacks, changes in behavior, and physical symptoms like headaches or nausea. In some cases, the traumatic event may involve experiences that the person can’t clearly remember.

No matter when your trauma occurred, the experience impacts more than your brain, emotions, and thoughts. Your body also holds memories of what happened. The trauma can influence how we interact with others, our actions, our nervous system, and life experiences.


Healing from trauma is a process

Experiencing traumatic stress is a normal reaction to difficult experiences. While symptoms can improve with time, more intense or chronic symptoms may require help to work through and heal.

When symptoms don’t get better over time or interfere with your daily life, such as work, school, or relationships, trauma therapy can help.


“The overall goal when healing trauma is to feel alive, present, and available in your life again.”

– Kimberly Schmidt Bevans

Many people with trauma initially feel trapped in high alert, have trouble relaxing, or struggle to feel safe. Together, we can help you identify and work through the traumatic experiences, emotions, and somatic experiences in a safe, present-focused environment.

We will use body-based therapies, dance/movement therapy, mindfulness, and more, to help you access the patterns and roots of trauma contained in your body. Healing from the trauma will help increase your awareness of patterns in your body that are no longer helpful and thought patterns in your mind.

Working together, we will work to honor the way your body and brain kept you safe, help you learn new responses, mindfully release energy from your body related to the past event, so you feel relief and satisfaction.

By staying mindful, focused, and present, we can work through the trauma to bring back your sense of calm and joy. Working together, we can help you address the experiences at your pace, so you feel safe and empowered.

Healing from traumatic experiences can transform your life, helping you feel safe, calm, and present.

If you have unresolved trauma from any point in your life, I can help provide you a safe and empowering space to help you explore, work through, and heal from your experiences.

Let’s work together to unlock your authentic self, so you feel alive, present, and available in your life again.